Duplication Policy

Patrons may request for materials to be duplicated by the Archives and Special Collections department. Duplication is allowed when requested material meets the following conditions:

  • All archives materials must remain in the Billy Graham Room at all times.
  • An archives worker must examine the condition of the materials to be duplicated.
  • If materials are in good condition, the patron may complete the Request For Photocopies Form. ¬†Archives employees will duplicate the requested materials as time and staffing allows.
  • Fragile materials may not be duplicated.
  • All duplication is subject to the posted schedule of fees.
  • The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the reproduction of copyrighted material.
  • All duplication should be for private study, scholarship, or research use only.
  • No copies of materials from our collections may be deposited in another institution without our express written permission.
  • Any patron wishing to publish material from the Archives and Special Collections must obtain permission from the archivist and from all holders of copyright.
  • The patron agrees to accept full responsibility for complying with copyright and privacy laws.
  • All duplication requests coming from off campus will be handled as time, staffing, and availability permit.

Schedule of Fees

Minimum charge:

  • $10 minimum charge for any duplication request totaling less than 40 pages.

Printed materials

  • $.50 per page for paper copies
  • $.25 per page for scans

Scanned Images

  • $2.00 per image

Burning a CD-R

  • $2.00 per disk