Important Quotations

“I have begged for this Seminary as I would not beg for myself if I were starving.” James P. Boyce

“It is with a single man that error usually commences; and when such a man has influence or position, it is impossible to estimate the evil that will attend it.” James P. Boyce

“If we are to be mighty in God’s work, then we must be mighty in God’s word.” Basil Manly, Jr.

“Suppose we quietly agree that the Seminary may die, but we’ll die first.” John A. Broadus to James Boyce

“Oh, Toy, I would freely give that arm to be cut off if you could be where you were five years ago, and stay here.” James Boyce to Crawford Toy upon Toy’s departure

“I wish the whole thing were in the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.” A.T. Robertson in the midst of writing his “Big Grammar”

“Heresy always finds its fattest soil in dead orthodoxy.” W.H. Whitsitt

“Let us, therefore, learn one and all to be quiet.” W.H. Whitsitt on the Landmarkist controversy

“A fundamental principle of our Hermeneutics must be that the Bible, its real assertions being known, is in every iota of its substance absolutely and infallibly true.” Crawford Toy upon his arrival at Southern

“The truth is, if we make but a good Institution, and hold out the substantial advantages which an intelligent student has a right to expect in an Institution of this kind, students will flock in from all quarters.” Basil Manly, Sr. two decades before Southern was founded

–Quotations primarily from Mueller’s History of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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