Codex Robertsonianus

Archibald Thomas Robertson (1863-1934) was professor of New Testament at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary from 1890 to 1934. He was one of the world’s premier text critics. In 1927, he was instrumental in securing for Southern Seminary the manuscript which came to be known as “Codex Robertsonianus”, a collation of Greek texts of the Gospels. Catalogued by the Institute of New Testament Textual Research as No.2358, the Robertson Codex is a valuable asset of the library’s Special Collections. The codex has been displayed on rare occasions, but on-site researchers can also view the historic photographs of the manuscript created by John W. Bowman.

In 2019, the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts digitally photographed the entire codex and hosted the images on its website.

Location: Archives (original: seminary vault; facsimile: manuscript, Rare Book Room, 2nd floor)