William Foxwell Albright Collection

W. F. AlbrightWilliam Foxwell Albright was an archaeologist who served as professor of Semitic languages at Johns Hopkins University and senior editor of the Anchor Bible series from 1956 until his death in 1971. Albright was also director of the W. F. Albright Institute for Archaeological Research, formerly known as the American School of Oriental Research (see link below.)

The William Foxwell Albright Collection contains approximately 10,000 off-prints, articles, and papers on the ancient Near East and archaeology by over 1500 authors. The items date from the period 1920 through 1970. The library purchased the collection from Albright who accumulated the collection in the course of his time as a lecturer, writer, and teacher. Albright authored none of the articles or off-prints, although the collection does include some of his correspondence. The original purchase agreement included a 3000 volume library, 900 volumes of periodicals, 400 manila packets of reprints and papers, and 2000 unclassified reprints and papers.

Location: Stored in seven 4-drawer filing cabinets on 3rd floor (Dewey 913.) Books have been integrated into the library holdings. A catalog of the Albright collection holdings is with the filing cabinets on the 3rd floor.